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All the software on this site works with the RISCOS operating. If you use another operating system do not use these programmes as they will not work, but will work with Virtual Acorn.

Desk Top Software

Tina (52KB) a Talking clock. Speaks the time but needs the Speech Module from here

Passman (82KB) a password manager application for web site logins. Single user at the moment but multiple user is planed fora future version. Current version 1.00

Form Filler (59KB) a form filler that send text to where the cursor is. Idea in filling web forms etc. Current version is 1.15. To upraged from an earlier version Click Here it is recommeded that those who have an earlier version of Form Filler get the upgrade rather than the full download, as the upgrade will not overwrite their button data.

Kclock (50KB) a small clock that displays the time and date in a window on the screen.

Cpm (46KB) Cost per mile. Works out the cost per mile and income per mile.

Laptime (42KB) a simple programme to work out average speed over any distance and whatever unit of measurement you want. Current venison is 1.02.

Divide (47KB) a division tester for dividing by 2 up to 12 plus pot luck. Current version is 1.01.

Times (41KB) a times table test for the 2 times u to the 12 times table.

IPwhois (68KB) gets the contact information about an IP address or domain name from and displays it in a web browser. Help in English, German and Dutch. Current version 1.02A.

Link (80KB) is a simple applicaton that inserts proper HTML code for links and email address for use on web sites. HTML instructions in English, German and Dutch. Current version 1.00

LipsumK (57KB) a simple application to create a Lorem Ipsum in either English or Latin. Current version 1.00 27 September 2010.

Nag (108KB) outputs a word, sentence or a phrase multiple times to where the cursor is. Current version is 1.00 25 April 2011

VKeyboard (60KB) a virtual keyboard driven by the mouse and inserts the character hit to wherever the cursor is. Current version 1.01

AmaSearch (76KB) a tool for searching for product from the various Amazons store from around the world. This software requires a working internet connection and a web browser.

Lotteries/Raffles etc

100Club (62KB)a small application for drawing of 100 clubs, in which you drop a csv file containing the number and names of the people in the 100 club and it draws the winning numbers and names. It can be used for upto a 999 club. Current version 1.00 02 November 2010.

Bingo (66KB) a bingo number generator for UK based bingo rules, it draws a random number between 1 and 90 and then displays the number and also records the numbers already drawn. Current version is 1.02. Help is in English and German.

KDraw (66KB) draws random numbers between two numbers selected by the user upto 99,999 ideal for Christmas draws etc. Current version is 1.02 03 July 2009

Raffle2 (146KB) is the desktop version of Raffle. Choose the number of books sold the colours of each book sold and the first and last number of each book sold and the computer will draw the winning numbers out. It will not display the same ticket twice. Current version 2.00 03 May 2009.

Lcheck (43KB)a lottery syndicate tester, for the main Lotto and Thunderball. It tells ou how many number are winners and which line. It is designed for the UK lottery. Current version is 1.12, upgrade from earlier versions (49KB). Please note to use the option of getting the last 11 draws wget is required and a working internet connection.

Political Tools

MPdata (78KB) gets information about your MP, hear what they have said, contact them and report a problem in your street to the relevant authority. This is for the UK Parliament only. Current version is 1.06 (15 January 2009). This software requires a working internet connection and a web browser

MPdata+ (65KB) gets information about your MP, including their name, Constitency, Party, date entered the House of Commons, Majority, Swing to lose seat, Debates spoke in the last year, Written answers (minister only give written answers, written questions and date of birth, all displayed in a window, also a button called Debates--> whichopens a new window with the last four debates by that MP, plus eight green buttons that launches a web browser to sites that give more Info, write to this MP, their maiden speech, constituency info. Early Day Motions signed by them. Plus Petitions for the local council, contact other representives and report a problem in your street. This software requires wget an internet connection and a web browser. Current version is 1.10 31 16 November 2014.

MPdataAU (59KB) gets information about your member of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament, including their name, date they entered Parliament, their party, constituency, office they hold if any and the date they took up that office. Also the last four debates they took part in. This software requires wget an internet connection and a web browser. Current version is 1.00 20 August 2014.

MPdebate (71KB) gets information about debates in Westminster Hall, House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as Written answers and Written ministerial statements from the UK parliament. Current version is 1.00 05 January 2009. This software requires a working internet connection and a web browser.

FOI (77KB) searches for Freedom of Information request on the WhatDoTheyKnow site for UK request and Right to Know for Australian request. Requires a working internet connection and a web browser. Current Version is 1.01 25 September 2014.


Kim (101KB) a memory game were ten objects are hidden and you have to remember where thy are hidden by clicking on the icon that corresponds to the chosen object, very loosely based on the game Kim's Game in the Rudyard Kipling book Kim. Current version 1.01 24 Febuary 2009, changes in this version is it now has 2 levels of play.

Kevmon (73KB) a game based on the late 1970's electronic game Simon in which you have to remember the sequance of coloured lights. Current version is 1.02 16 August 2012, changes from previous version is that you have a normal level with 4 colours or expert with 8 colours.

13s (634KB) a desktop patience game played on a 3 x 3 grid in which you have to make 13 from either one or two cards, a King counts as 13 in it's own right, whilst a Queen is counts as 12 so will need an Ace to make 13, A Jack counts as 11, so will need a two to make 13. The first card is laid face up on the first grid, if you cannot make 13 with that card, you then click on the deck and the next card is put in the next grid position, once all the grid positions have been filled and you still cannot make 13 then the game is over, if you can make 13 with either a King on it's own or with the combination of two other cards, just click on the card or cards and if you do have 13 then new cards will be placed on top of those cards. Current version is 1.00 04 May 2010

Fireworkz resources

Cash (6KB) gives coins and notes breakdown for any given amout.


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