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13s Version 1.01

My desktop patience card game for RISC called 13s has been updated to version 1.01 13s is played on a 3×3 grid and you have to make up 13 with one or two cards with the King counting as 13, the Queens are 12 and Jacks 11. New in this version is that it now … Continue reading "13s Version 1.01"
13 Games
Sun, 14 Apr 2024 14:22:37 +0000

SteerFix Goes To Norway And Sweden

My United Kingdom appliction for viewing and reporting problems in your area called StreetTix can do the same for Norway and Sweden now. The upgrade taking it to version 1.07 will now allow you to view and report things like street lights not working, potholes vandalism, etc to the relevant authority. It does require a … Continue reading "SteerFix Goes To Norway And Sweden"
StreetFix Updated Software
Thu, 14 Mar 2024 20:49:22 +0000

Get The Station With TrainTimes2.04

My RISC OS train time table application called TrainTimes has been upgraded to version 2.04 New in this version is the ability to view the stations operated by a train operating company, also a bug fix in which during the month of February in a leap year when clicking on the future button would cause … Continue reading "Get The Station With TrainTimes2.04"
Wed, 28 Feb 2024 23:10:18 +0000

VATGST Gets EORI Validation

My RISC OS application to validate VAT and GST numbers called VATGST has been upgraded to version 1.02 New in this version is the ability to validate Economic Operators Registration and Identification numbers, also only one copy of the application can be run a time. It does require a working internet connection and curl to … Continue reading "VATGST Gets EORI Validation"
Updated Software VATGST
Mon, 19 Feb 2024 19:57:05 +0000

Currency Gets The Textile Treatment

My currency exchange application for RISC OS called Currency has had a little upgrade taking it to version 2.04 New in this version is the ability to save the information as textile code for insertions into forums that use it such as the RISC OS open forums, which you can see an example of here. It … Continue reading "Currency Gets The Textile Treatment"
Currency Updated Software
Tue, 16 Jan 2024 16:49:57 +0000

Currency Get’s A Bug Fix

My currency exchange rate application for RISC OS called Currency has been updated to version 2.03 New in this version is a bug fix in which when viewing historical exchange rates if that went into October then an error would occur which was caused by me misspelling a variable. That has been fixed. I have … Continue reading "Currency Get’s A Bug Fix"
Currency Updated Software
Tue, 28 Nov 2023 16:38:09 +0000

Hints & Tips Number 3 Video Released

I have released my third hints & tips video entitled Long Commands Dr Wimp and Wget. This video shows how I get over BBC BASIC’s command line length with DR Wimp and using wget as an example. There are probably a lot better ways of doing this but this works for me and it might … Continue reading "Hints & Tips Number 3 Video Released"
Hints & Tips
Tue, 21 Nov 2023 19:54:16 +0000

Get Train Operator Info With TrainTimes 2.03

My Great Britain train time table application for RISC OS called TrainTimes has been upgraded to version 2.03 New in this version is a slight oversight fix in which if wget has not been seen by the filer then the buttons on the window informing the user about that did not work it does now. … Continue reading "Get Train Operator Info With TrainTimes 2.03"
Trains TrainTimes Updated Software
Sun, 22 Oct 2023 19:22:46 +0000

TrainTimes Version 2.02

My Great British train time table application for RISC OS called TrainTimes has been upgraded to version 2.02 This version fixes a few bugs, some cosmetic changes, some improvements and a couple of spelling mistake. The bugs fixes are that on the future station time table window if a train had no train id that … Continue reading "TrainTimes Version 2.02"
Trains TrainTimes
Tue, 03 Oct 2023 14:10:24 +0000

Hints & Tips Video 2 Released

I have release my second Hints & Tips video entitled Hints & Tips No 2 XML With Dr Wimp. Which shows how I manipulate and displaying XML data using Dr Wimp I have also added a page to my web site which I will add further videos to in time.
Hints and Tips
Sun, 20 Aug 2023 19:23:01 +0000

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